Books & Cooks Helping Us Navigate 2020/21

Food is Everybody's Language. Some books & cooks (and other things food rooted) who've massively inspired me over the last year, who we can learn so much from and enjoy!  Pushing the conversation fwd in the right ways πŸ‡πŸ“πŸŠ there's tributaries everywhere, all linked - politics, campaigns, activists, spirituality, health, history, generations, community, conversation, art, walls, zines, zoom cookups, old cafes, side roads - connect and use them. (Still at beginning of The Cooking Gene😢 / ordered ed. 2 of Fat Boy Zine) links and lists below.

(Left to Right)

Chef jojo manalo, Spicy Noodle Cafe in Balham, People's Choice on Chatsworth Road, Lahori Falooda in Tooting, Mona's Chat House in Green Lanes, Adings KitchenManges des iles, Bhavin's vegetable shop in Tooting.

... And a full List / write up done for Spark & Co:

T h a n k  y o u . 

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