"To sell who you are and what you are about is the most challenging part" - Swati Kandala of  Curry On Naan Stop Have SO much respect for this lady! (Bringing magic to Clapham on a surprise Divali drop in November). Not only is her food amazing (follow @swati.kandala for recipes) but drive to “bring you Indian food like they eat in India”, despite everything is too. 

Currently working from cloud kitchens,  Swati's launched a new Tiffin Club, @namaskaram_london and opened "dream" kitchen space in Herne Hill last week - with vision of starting supperclubs when possible, no menu - "make the people try something new!"

Below: some pics in their delivery kitchen, Chef Jimmy pelting the mysore bonda (knowledge from Kerela). See how much effort goes into your packaged deliveries! that often gets undercut when deliveries go missing and Swati will never compromise on this. The "fluffy fried tennis balls" were one of her fave mumabi street food dishes when growing up, made of fermented flour/coconut/herb/yogurt mix.

 "In Hyderabad city if you see a jam packed cart from 4am its sure to be a Mysore Bonda Cart". We're lucky to have chefs over here who can recreate them:

The move from a busy '19 of markets and festivals to delivery? "It's really hard. Delivery platforms take 30% of earnings - people dont know who you are or the passion behind your food. We’ve had to run crazy offers to attract people - #eatouttohelpout didnt help. After that, people started expecting lots of offers and this hits small businesses like us. We are not mass companies. We use fresh ingredients from local sources which is not cheap". 

The positives? "We’ve met some amazing new followers and get alot of returning ones, who I've intro'd myself personally to " - Swati showing those soulless systems whos who. 

Journey into cooking? “For the first 26 years of my life- I never cooked. It was when I married and came to England 14yrs ago. The Indian restaurants here didn’t taste like home. The were the same dishes everywhere. I would be on the phone to my mum asking for recipes. Certain dishes still I keep my mum on camera and cook!

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