Food is Everybody's Language

A photo essay wrote for Spark & Co celebrating Saraswati Puja and the rhythms of Dasghara Village where I was this time last year. Learning the food rhythms with jhal muri express and the people there.

Forever grateful to the people of the village and for their generosity - "Hospitality is a mutual exchange for eachothers identites and never just your own; a moment where surprise, knowledge and intimacy all come together and disarm you like nothing else could" - like a fresh nasu narkel being popped into your lips and dissolving along with the politeness barriers of the Western World. Also some reflections on how we can learn from other food cultures, respectfully - "if you cant smell it and are just guessing from a distance, what are you doing there?" (#BenOkri) and journey into peoples lives must be done with the deepest rigour, understanding and love". Lets fight to "keep our intricacies alive" #ArundhatiRoy) and use it to break down walls 🍇🍊🍓 See more on @aharedasghara, Ebook coming soon 🙂🌸

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