Sunny's Spicy Noodle Cafe. A celebration of intersectional eating spaces mostly around Tooting, and an urgent need to respect the diaspora generation who've brought them to us - through conversation and emotional connection (what many set them up for in the first place) not a reaction "from a place of crisis" because, like it or not, they are fading and this is what they set them up for in the first place. Out of love to share... 

4th July: the Hospitality Industry starts to reopen its doors but instead of rushing back to 'celebrate' what are we actually celebrating? What are we eating for what are we writing for? If not to feed back to the people who've opened these businesses. In these new mad times - pile up post-Brexit, rising rents, COVID-19 dominoes - there's more urgency than ever to re-address the meaning of 'Hospitality' (in which Priya Basil's ‘Be My Guest’ is essential reading) and actually learn insight into what these businesses are going throughListen to those who are keeping the cogs turning, *** afua quote** ; in which we respect the heartbeats on the pavement like Spicy Noodle Cafe and Ading's Kitchen where the idea of eating out can no longer NOT go hand in hand with listening to the people who carved them. In which 'eating out' is not to fill a hole but to open one, an exploration not escape or pursuit for indulgence, led by a 'rampant curiosity' to connect with who's behind it and understand their history. (routes, roots and fruits).

Double egg, burger beans and chips alongside your spicy roast duck noodles? Sex on the beach next to your galab jalem and butter bean dal puri? Finding a way to appeal to both and the changing crowds / wave of gentrification, and its time those crowds met them half way. hand written menu - charm - vopening occfee, SITTING SIDE BY SIDE WITH XXXX need to tell eachother how mucuh they love this place, inclusivity, bringing people togethr, trying to link to amnd employ young boy no school filipino mothers friend, bridge the gaps and keep it flowing. Bringing together of foods and way thy work the spaces, what we need to respect and other businesses learn from. Long term relationshipss over instant gratification? Make the roots for these 'trends' to appropriate and band wagon. i kind of sense that things shifting so fast eppreciation is what we have to .

cant [aint brush - one metre awa ysomething else happen CHANGE OUR WAYS OF WRITING - not a one person view its a sharing and exchanging of stories . experiences in which you have to be alreat to geeel then , every day life thats as much interconnected as it is intersectional . 

alchemeic- if everyone connected to the bone (more meat to feel the heat) and shared in this alchmistis c conversation in which we're all reporters arranging - everyone can do what they do best. it would be such. a fucking beautiful place and dont call me an idealist. 

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