People through food, words and story, pics n clips. I manage content for social media, take photographs if you want me for a one-off event (or ongoing) and help with websites, articles and brand copy, on or offline. Photos for social can come with suggested posts and next day edits, videos too as I know how fast our world works. Not limited to food and people but it's what I know best; been working in London street food community for the past 4 years - managing and creating content for KERB but working also in hospitality, cooking up on the streets with the people who really know what it's about. I love to learn about people right up in the cracks and help shine light on humans who are doing incredible, un-shouted about things. "Food forms and reveals us", it's the most powerful equaliser, bringing people from all walks of life to the table or pavement and the more this happens the more our city can continue to sing. It makes my soul hungry, celebrates a vulnerability much needed especially at the moment and I believe that’s what makes content (and eating!) best. 

Whatsapp: 07810271251

Please msg if you'd like me to work for you,

Tara x

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